Artificial intelligence is as fascinating as it is scary. Some people may imagine a world ruled by machines, leaving people to play the role of mere observers. Is it science or science fiction? Don’t worry, the Big Brother era is not here yet. So let’s leave fantasy aside and focus on the advantages of artificial intelligence that you can use when organizing meetings.

There is no competition between man and machine!

The progress in the development of artificial intelligence may cause some people to fear the rise of authoritarian machines that will claim the right to decide everything. This fear hides another one: that machines might eventually replace people. “My boss is an algorithm” – now that’s a phrase you would never want to hear. But don’t worry, chances are no one will ever have to say that.

So what would the relationship between man and machine actually look like? We’re talking about collaboration between people and machines, an alliance that would enhance the skills and abilities of both parties. They would complement each other instead of competing.

Moving towards task automation

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a meeting. There is a little box in the middle of the table. But it’s not just any box – it has artificial intelligence. A simple voice command and it will search the web for the required content and then project it onto the screen. What’s even better, it records the participants’ comments and can propose a schedule for future meetings. The box quickly automates all possible tasks leaving no room for error.

What about the role of your co-workers? They have more time and energy to tackle difficult issues which require a combination of creativity, audacity and critical thinking. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

More reliable predictive models

It’s good to collect data, but to use it is even better! And this is the main advantage of artificial intelligence. Not only is the machine able to store massive volumes of data, now it can also analyze it and let the data speak for itself by putting different information into perspective. The dream of optimizing big data management finally becomes a reality!

But let’s get back to your meetings! Artificial intelligence will provide your co-workers with improved data that will help them in making decisions. More than that, the machine will be able to offer reliable predictive models based on the interpretation of the collected data. After all, information is the heart of the matter…

Encouraging exchange

It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday morning, we are in a meeting room somewhere in Istanbul… The manager is proclaiming his own truth in a very matter-of-fact way. He may be wrong, but no one dares to contradict him. Apparently, none of the participants are risk-takers!

What is the solution? Artificial intelligence! Remember, the machine has no problem with speaking up. If some objective information needs to be put forward, it will do just that. Even if it means shaking the boss’s beliefs. After all, it’s for a good cause…

Increasing productivity

And finally, one last (but not least) fact that will help convince even the sceptics! According to a study by Accenture Research, companies that use artificial intelligence will see their profitability grow by 38% before 2035. Are you ready to be one of them and set out on an exciting adventure?

Aykan Rasitoglu, MBA, Kurucu Ortak Aykan Rasitoglu, MBA, Kurucu Ortak

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